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Practical Ansible Solutions

Practical Ansible Solutions is an instructional video course on getting up and running quickly with the Ansible automation framework to get things done quickly and efficiently so you have time to do other things.

This course is developed entirely by Firi DevOps and published by Packt Publishing, split across 6 major chapters at approximately 2hours 36minutes.  It starts with the basics but very quickly jumps into getting things done using Ansible.  Throughout the course practical, real-world examples and hands-on application of Ansible concepts and code are utilized to enhance the curriculum.

Video Description

If you are looking for a simple IT automation framework that’s easy to manage, grow into, extend and adapt then Ansible is for you! Ansible is an Open Source, Python-based configuration management solution that saves you time and resources when automating deployment and management of application and IT infrastructure so you can spend your time doing other things.

In this video course, we’ll focus on getting things done quickly, using real-world examples and a hands-on teaching style rather than focus too much on theory and conceptual ideas once the basics are covered so you can get the job done.

Core concepts—such as setting up the inventory and playbooks, ad-hoc commands and quick and dirty heavy lifting will get you up and running quickly. We’ll then dive into proper playbook organization and using handlers, variables, conditionals and logic for maximizing the efficiency of your automation workflow. We’ll also dive into handling growth and multi-role playbooks and stack orchestration.

As we move onward to victory we will dive into systems lifecycle management so you can handle users, software and packages, authentication, services and application/web content with ease as well as touch on Ansible Tower/AWX. We’ll end the journey with consuming and using Ansible Galaxy so you can borrow, share and collaborate with the vibrant Ansible Open Source community and the plethora of community roles and playbooks available on the internet.

At the end of this course, you will attain a deeper understanding of Ansible usage and design and be empowered to create your own playbooks, properly growing and scaling them to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your IT landscape.

Course Breakdown

  1. Get Stuff Done Fast – The Basics
  2. Ansible Up and Running: Real-World Examples
  3. Organizing your Playbooks
  4. Handlers, Variables, Conditionals and Logic
  5. Systems Lifecycle Management
  6. Going Forward, Extending Ansible Usage.