We deploy, host and manage enterprise applications on behalf of our customers as well as offer managed server and cloud hosting.  Below are our more popular hosted applications.  Contact us to learn more.

  Gitlab Hosted Development Platform Solutions

Gitlab is a full-featured, hosted code repository (SCM), issue tracker and development lifecycle platform.  It comes with flexible CI (continuous integration) runners and provides an all-in-one development platform for managing code, collaboration and project lifecycles.  In many ways it is similar to hosted Github with many more features.  Gitlab Omnibus edition includes a MatterMost instance that can be activated as well.

  Mattermost Hosted Enterprise Chat Solutions

Mattermost is a robust self-hosted Slack clone providing secure, encrypted private cloud messaging, powerful search and team chat communication.  With seamless continuity between mobile, desktop and browser it provides a rich, feature-filled chat collaboration platform and feature parity without the cost of Slack.  It has many integrations into third-party services like Jira, Zoom, Github, Gitlab, Jenkins and others and supports your own webhooks, restful API’s and more.  Mattermost is used by many fortune 500 companies for secure enterprise chat and presence.

  Jira Project Management Platform Hosting

Jira is widely-used bug tracker, issue tracker and project management platform.  It is popular among Agile software shops and development-centric organizations to manage issues, features and software project management and the most popular issue management tool in the enterprise.

  NextCloud Enterprise File Sharing Platform Hosting

NextCloud is a secure private enterprise file and document sharing platform.  It provides simple, secure file sharing, online document editing, calendar and contact synchronization and other related features.  It features multi-platform desktop clients, browser and mobile apps and is a privately hosted drop-in replacement for services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox for organizations who need to control and manage their data for security or compliance reasons where public cloud solutions are not optimal.  NextCloud offers encryption both in transit and at rest.

  Elasticsearch (ELK Stack) Platform

Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) provides a secure, robust, enterprise-class data indexing, search and analytical platform that powers some of the most demanding use-cases and business needs for data warehousing, analytics, logging, search and data visualization in real time from any source.  Elastic stack (ELK) is extremely scalable, flexible and extensible.  Typically, the Elastic stack works best deployed on-premise on bare-metal hardware however we do support hosted Elastic implementations in the cloud (minimum of 16G memory is required for an all-in-one cloud hosted ELK platform on a preferred VPS for example).

  Email and Website Hosted Solutions

We offer secure, hosted, private email servers and domain solutions for your business or seamless setup with Google G Suite.  We can also help you setup and host your website or blog.